Product Information

General Properties of F-MELT®

F-MELT® is available in three grades, Type C, Type M, and F1.

  • Grades
  • Type C - Application: Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical
  • Type M - Application: Pharmaceutical
  • F1 - Application: Nutraceutical/dietary supplement


  • Ready-to-use excipient for oral disintegrating tablets
  • Directly compressible
  • Oral disintegrating time less than 30 seconds
  • Tablet hardness more than 50 Newtons
  • API loading more than 50% possible
  • Highly flowable with minimum or no sticking/capping
  • Suitable with conventional tabletting machines
  • No Royalty or license fee required

Physical Properties of F-MELT®

General Properties of F-MELT<sup>®</sup> (Empirical)

Scanning Electron Micrographs

F-MELT® co-spraydried powder (X 500) F-MELT® co-spray dried powder (X 500)
F-MELT®  co-spraydried powder (X 1000) F-MELT® co-spray dried powder (X 10,000)

Performance of F-MELT placebo tablets

  • F-MELT® Type C, Type M
  • Formulation: F-MELT® 99.5% + Mg-St 0.5% (Dry Blending)
  • Tablet Size: ø11.3 mm, 450 mg / Tab
  • Tablet Machine: Tabletting Tester SK-02 (Sankyo Piotech)
  • The tablet hardness shows a linear increment up to 1 ton compression force
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Tablet Hardness vs Oral Disintegration time (Placebo)

  • Excipient: F-MELT® Type C, M
  • Formulation: F-MELT® 99.6% + Mg-St 0.4%
  • Conditions: 20 rpm, φ8 mm, 200 mg Tab
  • Tabletting after blending F-MELT® with Lubricant
Tablet Hardness vs Oral Disintegration time (Placebo)
  • Excipient: F-MELT® F1
  • Formulation: F-MELT® 99.5%
  • Lubricant: Sucrose Esters S-370F
  • Tablet Size: ø8 mm x 9R, 200 mg/Tab, 15 rpm
Achieve optimum tablet hardness at low compression forces Tablet Hardness
Maintain optimum disintegration time at higher tablet hardness Oral Disintegration time
Friability decreases rapidly with increased tablet hardness Friability

Moisture Sorption Isotherm (25°C, 7days)

F-MELT® Type M F-MELT®  Type M
F-MELT® Type C F-MELT®  Type C
up to 75% RH, F-MELT® powder is stable against moisture sorption.

Package Size

  • a) Commercial Size:
  • 20 kg net in aluminum bag in carton box
  • Box dimension: 880 mm x 990 mm
  • b) Sample Size:
  • 1 kg net in aluminum bag
  • Bag dimension: 220 mm x 334 mm x c.a 50 mm
  • c) Placebo tablets are also available as sample
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