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11 January 2011

F-MELT® F1 - Fast Melt Made Easy for Dietary Supplements ODTs

Introducing a new member of F-MELT® family - F-MELT® F1.

F-MELT® F1 is a co-spray dried excipient consisting of waxy rice starch, microcrystalline cellulose, and inorganic excipient. ODTs and chewable tablets can be easily prepared by simple blending F-MELT® F1 with nutraceutical active ingredients and lubricant followed by direct compression.

In addition, F-MELT® family consists of F-MELT® Type M suitable for pharmaceutical applications, and F-MELT® Type C suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.


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01 February 2008

F-MELT®-Directly Compressible Excipient System for Fast-Disintegrating Oral Tablets - I

Fuji Chemical offers a simple alternative to the current fast-disintegrating technologies by offering a direct compression excipient that can be made into oral disintegrating tablets with standard tabletting equipment.

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